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Professional Services

Ensuring the Quality and Consistency of Your Training Programs

SiTUATE now offers a unique service which addresses many managers’ concerns with ensuring the quality and consistency of their training.  Today, many companies simply don’t have sufficient resources – time or staff – to adequately analyze the jobs and tasks then prepare training guides to be used by trainers and trainees.


Employers can now have the following performed by SiTUATE’s trained professionals:

  • Remotely conduct the job and task analysis necessary

  • Prepare the training guides based on the task analysis information

  • Update the training guides based on feedback from company trainers and trainees

  • Draw from a proprietary database of training guides, since work is often similar across companies

These activities are critical to using SiTUATE, but they take some specialized knowledge and skills to perform.  With SiTUATE’s professional services offering, companies can focus on delivering the training, either face-to-face or remotely, and evaluating trainees at the end of the training using the integrated performance check features of the platform.  Employers will also have immediate access to the information and data from the services performed because all documents will be saved back to their own SiTUATE platform.


These SiTUATE professional services may be most appropriate for companies that don’t have the resources to make it happen on their own.  But companies can also use the service on a short-term basis, until staff feel more confident in doing the work themselves.  No long-term commitment is required. Plus coaching and feedback can included.

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